Loving So Good, Kyle and McKenzie

Kyle McMaster knows how to wine and dine a woman. After rescuing McKenzie from the Elusive and Exclusive Billionaire’s Club, he offers to have breakfast with her in Maui. It is here he asks her to stay and explore their love for a week. Can McKenzie forget about her medical school classes and just enjoy the moment with him? Oh how he makes her head spin and body tingle…and oh how he helps her see life in a new light. And damn, oh how he makes loving feel so good...

Book 1, a 11,500k word novelette of McKenzie’s and Kyle’s steamy whirlwind romance where the two spend time together in romantic Maui getting to know ALL about each other.

Kyle and McKenzie are getting to know ALL about each other during their weekend stay in his private Maui estate. 

When Kyle rescued McKenzie during her final night at the club, the King was going to have his way with her (and that's back door way, *wink, wink*). Ever since knowing his grand plans, Kyle has been going crazy with the fantasy of having the same experience with McKenzie. Thus, they both indulge in this fantasy and Kyle leads McKenzie for her first time of anal sex. After exploring the next day together on the island, Kyle promises to show him a closer glimpse into the erotic world of the sexual elite. 

When Kyle told McKenzie he'd show her his erotic world, McKenzie knew she would enjoy herself. But she didn't realize she'd enjoy herself this much...after exploring a glass mansion together for a few hours and seeing incredible erotic sites at the sex party, Kyle leads McKenzie to a quiet terrace by the ocean and brings her to orgasm like she's never experienced before. Her first forced forced orgasm...and her body will never forget it! Uhhhh hmmm....

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