The Elusive and Exclusive Billionaire's Club

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So what's this baby about anyway?

"I never thought checking one’s mail could change your life. Had I known, maybe I would have never checked it and never traveled down the rabbit hole that forever changed my life. Forever altered my desires, bringing me to the point of no return."—McKenzie Kane

McKenzie Kane is on her way to attending the medical school of her dreams— Stanford. McKenzie worked hard to get accepted into the prestigious, yet extremely expensive medical school, but when she realizes her funding has fallen through she is forced to rely on the one thing she has avoided relying on her entire life...her looks. Her lucky stars provide a mysterious solution for her—an invitation from The Elusive and Exclusive BC—an elite sex club for billionaires! One night here, and her first year’s tuition will be paid in full. But what MacKenzie doesn't realize is she will become the new Alice who falls down an erotic rabbit hole and she is the night's auction piece! 

Just when McKenzie thought her night was over in the mysterious elusive and exclusive billionaire's sex club, she discovers it has only just begun. With the all consuming need to see "him" again, she must first participate in "the games"—that is—the sexual games of the rich and powerful. It is then McKenzie discovers she may enjoy herself more than she realized! 

McKenzie must now bravely face her designated color wing after being direly warned about the dangers of the club. But how can "he" be so dangerous? And what was so dangerous about this place anyway? With all questions aside, she presses on in hopes that she might find "him" waiting for her. 

After months of eagerly waiting to see "him" again, McKenzie receives another invitation to the club. But this time, she is the chosen queen for the night. Will she risk the apparent danger just to see "him" again? 

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